Medical Malpractice and Errors

Medication Errors
Medication errors are common but not always harmless. The wrong drug or wrong dose can cause severe reactions leading to irreversible damage or death. The Law Offices Of Darren O’Quinn has the necessary experience and resources to evaluate and prosecute your medication error case. Darren O’Quinn is a pharmacist and attorney who has been successful in fighting doctors, hospitals and pharmacies for full compensation for these preventable tragedies. Prescription and medication errors can occur in hospitals, at the pharmacy, in the doctor’s office, and over the Internet. There are an estimated 2.5 billion prescriptions dispensed by pharmacies in the U.S. An estimated 3.75 billion drugs were administered in hospitals. Errors in medication are a major source of medical mistakes that can cause injury or death. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or died because of a medication error, contact us today for a free case evaluation by a pharmacist/attorney.
Medical, Hospital, and Pharmacy Malpractice
Mr. O’Quinn is a pharmacist as well as an attorney. He has a wide variety of experience in medical and pharmacy malpractice claims. Mr. O’Quinn formerly defended hospitals, doctors, and nurses and gained valuable insight into the successful prosecution of these cases. We retain world-class experts in medicine, nursing, and pharmacology to review, evaluate, and testify in the cases we accept. We review many types of medical malpractice cases. If you think a doctor, hospital, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care provider has seriously injured you or a family member from medical malpractice or neglect, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.
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