Our Committment

Our Commitment & Philosophy

A lawyer is a client’s representative, an officer of the courts, and a public citizen having a special responsibility for the quality of justice. A lawyer’s conduct should conform to the requirements of the law, both in professional service to clients and in the lawyer’s business and personal affairs. The Law Offices of Darren O’Quinn’s commitment is and always will be to uphold the strictest ethical standards as prescribed in The Rules of Professional Conduct while zealously representing our client’s interests.

The philosophy of The Law Offices of Darren O’Quinn is based upon protecting and preserving the rights and dignity of all individuals. We are committed to representing those who have suffered any injustice. When lives have been lost, injuries sustained, or unfair advantage taken, every person has the right to redress the wrongs. The law should protect all people equally from physical, emotional, financial, and legal wrongs regardless of their social or economic status.

We believe that the law is at its finest when it protects the weak, helpless, and enfeebled from the strong. Lawyers often work with people whose lives have been devastated and act against those who have caused harm. We believe that in order to protect the public from the recurrence of unsafe practices and products, the judicial system must be used when legislative standards and industry practices fail to protect the public. Experience has proven that a single lawsuit can eliminate the dangers caused by unsafe practices and products.

At The Law Offices of Darren O’Quinn, we apply our legal knowledge and skills to aggressively and zealously help our clients in achieving these goals and obtaining fair compensation for their injuries and damages.

We help clients through the process of recovering from their losses. Caring for our clients and their case is, and always will be, the philosophy of this firm.
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